Family: Parents Bryan and Evette Vitovsky and siblings Aubrey, Ashlyn, and Braydon.

Sports you play: Softball.

Favorite high school sports memory: I don’t really have a favorite memory Just because they really are all pretty great but one memory is when the was a fly ball in the outfield and I called ball but Hanna still went after it and so I ran into her hard and we both fell to the ground, and we thought she broke her nose but she didn’t and it wasn’t funny then. But all the jokes that we make about it now are hilarious.

Plans after high school: To attend Navarro College, and I hope to become a teacher.

Who are your role models? My parents and my coaches, without them I wouldn’t be where I am and I definitely wouldn’t be the same person I’ve become today.

Which coaches have had the most influence on you and why? My softball coaches have had the most influence on me. They have taught me so much in the past three years that I’ve known them. They’ve taught me the most important things in life to care for and cherish through your whole life and those things are, always thank God and what he has giving you even if the plan he has laid out in front of you isn’t the same plan you wanted but to trust that his plan is always worth it in the end.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully I’m a teacher and maybe even starting my own family.

What will you miss most about high school sports? I will miss everything about softball. The wins and the losses because no matter what the outcome is at the end of the day we are still a team. We are still on the field together playing the greatest game that we all love. I will miss going out there on that field knowing that I have a family on and off the field no matter what. Yes we have our ups and downs but when we truly need something we are always here for each other. This isn’t just a softball team to me. It’s a family and family is forever.

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