The American Legion Auxiliary at Post 165 opened its doors to feed veterans Monday, in honor of Memorial Day. While reporting at the event, I was invited by Dallas Fox, historian of the Auxiliary, to join him as he introduced me to members of the American Legion, and observed the collection of photographs and war memorabilia that Post 165 is home to.

As Fox showed me a World War II history book, soldiers stared down from picture frames set in rows on the wall. Setting down the book, Fox looked up and exclaimed “there he is!” as John Robert walked in, who Fox says is the oldest Legionairre at Post 165. Nearby, the kitchen counter was filled with a large array of food items, from ham and ribs to buttered pecan cake and peach cobbler. Veterans were invited to join one another at American Legion for the lunch, and to honor and remember the fallen soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The members were kind enough to send this reporter home with not one, or two, but three to-go plates of food. In true journalistic nature, I sampled each dish, and found everything to be delicious.

Before leaving, Fox had one last surprise; a close look at a military vehicle commonly known to many as the “deuce-and-a-half.”

“I was at the Vietnam Memorial Wall earlier this morning, showing the truck,” said Fox, as he cranked the truck over; the engine roared to life shockingly fast. Fox explained that while this particular truck was not his, he does own a model of the same truck, along with other military vehicles such as a 1950s-era military ambulance. Shutting down the truck, Fox tells me that he hopes to find a location to host his military museum, so he can preserve and display the vehicles, books, photos, weapons, and other military memorabilia that he has collected.

While this was an unusual Memorial Day, with no public gatherings or remembrances, members of the Post hope that a home-cooked meal was a way to gather to remember those who gave their lives in serving their country.

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