This is a weird time to be running a business.

I know, because I’m trying to the best of my abilities to keep the paper coming out, while keeping our employees safe.

As retail business starts to reopen, an unscientific poll of other business owners and managers in downtown Kaufman pretty much had them breathing a sigh of relief. They would like the opportunity to operate that the big chain stores have. And they are happy to be opening doors and welcoming customers at a reduced level. 

With a small number of customers in their stores at a time, I feel safer shopping in a small mom-and-pop shop than I do in a big store. 

I’ve been reading numerous comments online by people complaining when a business asks them to wear masks.

I also wanted to correct a lot of grammar, but that’s beside the point.

Some complain this is an infringement of their rights. 

Well folks, this is a free country, and business managers have the right to run their business as they see fit. 

Even with the loosening on some restrictions, I’m sure some businesses don’t want to open yet, and that is their right, as well. And if you don’t want to go to a business that requests their customers wear masks, you have the right not to patronize that business.

One idea being floated for graduations this year is limiting the event to four guests per graduate, holding it in a stadium and maintaining social distancing.

Personally, I would pass. Yes, the event would be outside, but I don’t want to be around a thousand people right now.

But we are living in weird times, and every day, we are weighing risks and trying to keep our families healthy. I wish all of us the best of luck in trying to make good decisions. 

Thanks for reading. 


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